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About us

A vibrant hotel beating at the heart of downtown Tulum, where you’ll find peace in its 14 room accommodation. Crafted by local artisans and the amazing hard working people of the Quintana Roo region, Biwa is all the comfort you need. We thought about your unique personality, wellness, and all the moments you’ll spend with your family or friends in the amazing town of Tulum.

Why Biwa?

Northwest of Kyoto in Japan is hidden a lake called Biwa, its waters are rich in pearl cultivation. Biwa, the nacreous pearl has colors never seen in salt water pearls, its shine and the depth of its reflections rival the natural pearls of the sea.

This extraordinary Japanese pearl inspired our name, being a project where the idea emerged like a pearl, being born among the debris of an abandoned property in the middle of Tulum that grew to become a hotel that illuminates with its own light the center of this beautiful place, just like the pearl that has its name.


Provide a personalized service to all of our guests during their stay, regardless of how many days they stay in Biwa. We will create with you an unforgettable experiences, discovering the pleasure of attending to our guests, making your trip a memory that will last forever.


Open attitude


Proactivity / Competitiveness
Efficient processes / Search for solutions
Ensuring the safety of our customers
Sustainable development
Eco-friendly decisions

That vacation that you imagined, now is possible.