Cafetería Don Tomás

Cafe don tomas is a delight. Perfect place for an exquisite meal and a good chat with your friends and loved ones or for those lonely travelers and workers, Don Tomas offers a pleasant space to have a good coffee and think about your next trip or next project.

Rooftop Hierbabuena

See You Soon

You cannot miss this bar, it is the best in Tulum town. Watch the sunset and witness this spectacular moment while relaxing and enjoying a drink. These are moments that last forever.


Shining in the heart of BIWA, our beautiful Pool.

Biwa is a place where you can put all your senses on alert. Sunbathe in the pool area, relax, then immerse yourself in the sensational fresh water, this space is made for you to enjoy, just don't forget the sunscreen.


A balance that invites you to stay.

Our common rooms on the second and third floors have the perfect atmosphere to balance, read a book, have breakfast or just enjoy some time alone. Life is wonderful, enjoy those little moments that make up life.


Attention to detail.

The Hotel Biwa has 3 floors where our 16 spaces are located to rest, so we thought that an elevator could facilitate access and make your experience as comfortable as possible.